Serving as an Air Force JAG Reserve While Growing Lyda Law Firm

Air Force Blog Post.jpg

Starting and running a law firm has always been full of adventures, and now I have one more to add to the list: serving as a reserve officer in the U.S. Air Force.

After receiving a commission as a First Lieutenant in February, I attended Commissioned Officer Training this past October and November. This initial training was a challenging and rewarding experience all around, but the aspect that stood out most was the people. Serving alongside active duty personnel, I saw the sacrifices that these Airmen make, as they and their families put service before self. It is an honor to serve with people of such character and commitment.

It is also an honor to join the Judge Advocate General's Corp. JAGs handle courts martial (military prosecutions) as well as advise fellow Airmen on civil matters. JAGs also play the crucially important role of advising commanders on operational law. This means that JAGs are a key part of making sure that the U.S. military adheres to the law of armed conflict.

The reservist program allows me to continue to grow my civilian law practice. Lyda Law Firm maintains its commitment to serving small businesses and moderate-income clients.

I take all these responsibilities very seriously, and I look forward to the adventures ahead.