Lyda Law Firm Obtains Successful Settlements for Small Business Clients

Working on behalf of a small business client, Lyda Law Firm recently secured a settlement for the full amount demanded, plus attorney fees. The settlement is the latest in a series of successful settlements obtained on behalf of small business and moderate-income clients.

Lyda Law Firm's philosophy is that they key to a successful settlement is preparation. Your law firm must demonstrate that it is ready, willing, and able to try the case in order to be taken seriously in settlement negotiations. The ability to demonstrate to the opponent that litigation will not be in its best interest is crucial to early and successful resolution.

Settlement is often in the best interest of clients because it prevents prolonged and costly litigation. It also allows for quicker recovery. In this most recent case, a commercial lease dispute involving a local auto parts company, settlement was the ideal result because Lyda Law Firm was able to obtain the full amount that would have been available at trial. Settlement was in everyone's best interest because our opponent avoided a scenario where they would have to pay their lawyers for litigation, only to lose at trial and be ordered to pay damages and LLF's attorney fees.

Lyda Law Firm is dedicated to providing effective and efficient legal services to small business and moderate-income clients.